Thursday, November 18, 2010

Silver Ribbon

you will need:
- M19 and M67
- base/top coat
- Konad special polish in Silver and Black
- glitter polish (optional, for the centre of the bows)

- if you don't have M19, feel free to paint the tips yourself
- stamp the black bow design in the middle near the tips
- you can also stamp the bow on the side
- add the glitter polish to the centre of the bows

1 comment:

  1. Very chic! I don't know why, but I usually like nice french manicure on other people's hands,but NOT at all on me :(( as in this case.. I love this pict, but I'm sure that if I'll "copy" it, I'm not going to like it anymore :S
    but, just to be sure, I'm not going to try anything similar, I want to keep a good idea of it!xDD