Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Holiday Design #10

This is a very simple and lovely design. Use the simple french tips from M19 as the base for the design and then use a special green and red polish to fill in the line pattern on M65. You don't have to paint on the whole pattern. Paint half of it since you are only using it for the tips of the nails.

Try aligning the design to the french tips by following the straight edges from the pattern on M65.

Sorry for the lack of updates... was sick the past few days and still kind of sick ><

Enjoy your holiday!

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Holiday Design #9

A very simple design using M12. All you need to do is paint your nails
in a clear to light glitter polish. Then use the special white nail polish
for the designs. You can be more creative by using colours.

The snowfall is done by dipping a pen, toothpick, etc into the white polish
and dabbing it on the places desired on the nail.

Have fun and stay healthy for the holidays =]

Holiday Design #8

This is a very simple but elegant design. All you need is M71 =]
A polish colour as the base with a bit of glitter makes the design stand out.
Black or white will look great for this design, depending on the base you
decide to use. This design reminds me of wrapping paper. You can also
add some rhinestones if you like =]

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Holiday Design #7

Another snowflake design, but with rhinestones!
This will be great for parties or for special occasions... Christmas Eve or New Years?
Paint your nails in a light colour, then use the special white nail polish for the design.
Then put on the rhinestones in the middle of each snowflake =]

To put on the rhinestones:
01. dab a small amount of top coat onto the desired spot on the nail
02. find a toothpick, pen, or anything thin
03. dip the toothpick, pen, etc into the top coat to pick up the stone
04. place the rhinestone on the nail on the desired spot
05. apply a layer of top coat on the whole nail so that the stone is more secure

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Holiday Design #6

This is a more festive design where you can use the Christmas tree on M12.
The red and green flower decoration is selected from the bell design on M12.
You can find the snowflake on M20 or M59.

The colours used in this design are white, green and red.
You can paint your nails in any colour as the base.

Hope most of you are enjoying your holidays!

Holiday Design #5

Here is a design that features the Christmas themed designs; M12

You can paint your nails in any colour you like ex. white, green, blue
You will need to work with at least 2 colours for your images to appear.
In this specific nail design, black, white, and green are used for the designs.

Plate M14 has the Gift design that is shown below.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Holiday Design #4

This is a Holiday gift inspired nail design.
This is used for the tips of the nails and you can combine
a variety of colours you wish to be used for the design.
M56 is used for the design below.

You can also use M59 if you would like to use a different type of bow for the design.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Holiday Design #3

This is another snowflake design, but including a french tip design.
You can do the french tips by hand or you can use plate M19.
A variety of snowflakes are used in this nail design.
All of the snowflakes used are on M59 for this specific design.

The small white dots can be done by dipping a toothpick or
a pen into the white polish for a snowfall effect.

Holiday Design #2

Sorry for the delay guys. I was not able to access the internet last night so I will be posting up 2 new designs today =]

This is a candy cane inspired design. You will need M45 to do this specific design.
Feel free to use other colour combinations =]

When doing this design, try doing the white before the colour.
It will be easier to overlap the colour onto the white even if you
make a small mistake.

You can do this straight across the tips of your nails or diagonally.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Holiday Designs

Just 14 more days until Christmas! I am going to post a Holiday inspired nail design to the blog everyday until December 25th so be sure to follow us =]

The nail design below requires only one design from m20.
You can use a variety of different colours for this design if you'd like.
I just used white and added some glitter polish to the tips.

You can use a glitter top coat or the nail art polishes for the tips.