Friday, November 9, 2012

Orange Lips

Colour: Nubar 'Citadel' (light grey)
Leaf Print: Konad Imade Plate M83
Lip Print: Konad Image Plate M84
Green Leaves: Konad Image Plate M82 (tiny leaf from one of the flowers)
Glitter: CM 'Diamond Glitter'
Top: Konad top coat

Thursday, June 21, 2012

M77 Nail designs

Here are some of our most recent designs with image plate M77

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The European Cup

Are you ready for the games?
Here is a fun design you can do on your kids or on yourselves :)

01. Apply Base coat
02. Apply a colour of your choice for the base
03. For the white part, you can either paint the area
white or you can stamp on the basketball (with a white
special polish) from M52 to get a similar effect
04. Stamp the soccer ball with the black special polish
05. Apply top coat

M72 designs

Here are some of our most recent designs with M72

Thursday, April 12, 2012

raining silver glitter and neon pink

You will need:
Base: Sally Hansen Green Tea & Olive base coat
Yellow Pastel polish: China Glaze 'Lemon Fizz'
Pink Special polish: Konad 'Psyche Pink'
Top Coat: Konad top coat Silver Glitter: CM 'Silver Glitter'
Nail polish remover / Nail polish remover corrector pen
Konad Image Plate: M77

01 apply base coat *let it dry
02 apply the yellow polish on half the nail or the tips *let it dry
03 paint the psyche pink special polish on the design and scrape off the excess
04 pick up the design with the stamper within' 1 second after scraping
05 roll the design along the tips
06 clean up any excess polish around the finger with a cottob swab
     or a French nail corrector/nail polish remover pen
07 apply the glitter polish along the line of the tip
08 apply top coat *let it dry
09 you're done!

I think this nail design is a great way to start off spring and summer!
Let me know how you guys like this format? is it somewhat more interesting
or helpful? I think you guys can see the steps more clearly this way.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Golden Goddess

you will need:
- base/top coat
- light pink polish for the base
  OPI 'Sweetheart'
- M83 (leaf design)
- Konad special polish in Light Bronze
- glitter polish

You can paint half of the nail or 2/3 of the nail
for this design, just so you can include the glitters :)

We will try to do more videos or step by step photos soon!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

coral blossom

you will need:
- base/top coat
- coral/orange polish
  OPI 'Are We There Yet?'
- Konad image plate S9 (cherry blossoms)
- Konad special polish in White

01. Apply a base coat of your choice
02. Paint the colour on 1/3 of the nail from the tip.
03. Stamp the design along the line, with the special white polish
04. Apply the Konad top coat

This is a quick design with very little drying time :)

 enjoy the spring weather :)

Friday, February 10, 2012

Wine Romance

you will need:
- base/top coat
- M71
- dark red nail polish (Nubar 'Raspberry Truffle')
  colour on the ring finger (Nubar 'Elegant Indigo')
- Konad special polish in white

This design is not too feminine, but still very romantic and a bit sexy :)

Saturday, February 4, 2012

NEW light bronze special polish!

This is the leopard print design from M57 using the
new light bronze special polish! It will be a lovely
touch of colour for this spring!

There are 2 more new special polishes in:
A dark shimmery forest green and a muted shimmery magenta :)

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Love Sparks

you will need:
- base/top coat
- M65
- Konad special polish in white
- Colourful glitter polish (OPI 'Rainbow Connection')
- light pink or purple polish for the tips
  (OPI 'Significant Other Color')

01 - apply base coat *let it dry
02 - paint on the tips with your preferred nail colour *let it dry
03 - paint half of the rose design and stamp it on the tips
04 - apply the glitter polish along the line of the tips or randomly...
       however you want it :)
05 - apply the Konad top coat *let it dry
06 - admire :)

This will be a lovely design for Valentine's Day ;p

have fun :)