Wednesday, November 24, 2010

A Little Lace

you will need:
- M71
- base/top coat
- Konad special polish in white or black
- sheer glitter polish (optional)

- you can use a sheer glitter polish underneath this design if you want some sparkle for the holidays =]

- do this design in white if you want a more feminine feel, and in black if you feel a bit more edgy =]

have fun =]

Watch out for a new nail tutorial this week =]

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Youtube tutorial . Under the Mistletoe

Silver Ribbon

you will need:
- M19 and M67
- base/top coat
- Konad special polish in Silver and Black
- glitter polish (optional, for the centre of the bows)

- if you don't have M19, feel free to paint the tips yourself
- stamp the black bow design in the middle near the tips
- you can also stamp the bow on the side
- add the glitter polish to the centre of the bows

Monday, November 1, 2010


you will need:
- base/top coat
- M78 or M57
- Konad special polish in purple and brown
- Base colour in light pinks, light mauve's, light pastel colours
- iridescent glitter polish

- Paint your nails in your desired colour (ex. light pink)
- Paint the brown special nail polish on the leopard print
- Paint the purple special polish on the zebra on top of the design
- leave the bottom zebra design alone
- scrape off the polish across the design so they do not mix
- add a bit of glitter polish on the tips of your nails, where the zebra print is

There is something mysterious about the purple zebra and the glitter.

You can also do this design with the M57 plate, but by painting on 1/3 of the design to achieve the same idea.

have fun =]