Saturday, February 27, 2010

Kiss the Rain

This lovely spring inspired design is perfect for any occasion =]

You will need:
- base coat and top coat
- light coral/pink nail polish for the base
- a light brown/gold nail polish for the stripe (optional)
- image plate #M19, M38, and M56
- konal special nail polishes in white, green and silver (optional)
- rhinestones (optional)

01 apply base coat
02 apply the coral/pink nail polish
03 *optional* apply a thin/thick stripe with the light brown/gold polish in the middle
04 use the white konad special nail polish for the french tip design
05 use the green konad special nail polish to apply the leaf design from M56(top right)
06 *optional* use the silver konad special nail polish to apply the floral design from M38(left)
07 *optional* apply rhinestones
08 apply top coat

have fun =]

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

White Canvas

Inspired by some spring colours, here is a fun and creative design just
in time for March =] you can use a variety of flowers for this design.

You will need:
- base coat and top coat
- white nail polish
- any 3-5 colours of konad special nail polish (I used orange, green, purple, pink and black)
- image plate #m3, m29, m53, and m60

On image plate #m53, I painted one part of the flower on the top left for the orange flower.
M3 - black stars
M29 - green and purple flowers
M60 - very light pink (one of the flowers on the plate)

inspired by Minx's vinyl nail designs =]

have fun! =]

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Canadian Spirit

You will need:
- red, white, and black nail polishes (regular and/or special Konad nail polishes)
- image plate #m18 and m56
- a thin nail art polish in white

For the Olympic nail design,
You can choose to paint your nails in white or black as well.
You can also do the checkered tips in white to emphasize the
Canadian flag and make the design seem a bit more visible.

For the maple leaf, you can either draw/paint the leaf onto the nail
or you can use image plate #m31 (the two leaves) to imitate the design =]
(bottom left)

Olympic 2010

This is such a lovely design inspired and created for the winter olympics!

If you don't already have french tips, use image plate #m19

You will need blue, red, green, yellow, black, and white
Use the "O" on image plate #m18 to create the rings and
follow the Olympic symbol's colours. You can have a picture
for reference if you are not sure or forgot the order.

For the colourful flames, you will need image plate #m62 (top left)

This Olympic nail design will take a bit of time, since you are painting
on different colours for each flame, but you can also paint the flame in
one colour instead of creating a gradient effect.

You can also use m20 or m59 for the snowflakes =]

have fun =]

Vancouver Olympics 2010

Don't forget to show Canada some love and spirit for the Vancouver Winter Olympics 2010!

We will be posting up some designs on the blog shortly! =]
There will also be Canadian flag designs =]

This will be great if you're already there for the games =]
Great for celebrating at home and with friends as well.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

First Kiss

This design reminded me of Hershey's kisses
All you need is image plate #m62

Paint your nails in a light to medium shade of pink.
For the design, you can do the tips in other colours
- white
- yellow
- black
- light green
I used a dark shade of purple.

This design is also great for a night out or for special occasions =]

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Daring Leopard

Want something more bold? This leopard design is subtle but noticeable.
You will need image plate #m57, any red shade of nail polish, and some
glitter polish for the part under the leopard print design =]

Feel free to change up the colours of your choice =]

Quick instructions:
  1. paint your nails of your desired colour
  2. paint the glitter diagonally towards the tips of your nails (top half)
  3. don't forget to let every coat dry in between before you stamp =]
  4. stamp the design on the glittered polish part of the nail
To save on polish:
shorter nails (paint half of the leopard design)
longer nails (paint the whole leopard design)

have fun! =]

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Pink Blossom

Another simple and sweet design just in time for Valentine's day =]
All you need is image plate #m60

You don't have to paint your nails for this design =]
This will be great when you are in a hurry or have to leave within' an hour.

For the tips, the crosshatch design is used from the bottom left.
You can choose to use any colours, even several colours at the
same time for a more creative design. Use two of the flowers
given on the plate or one on each nail.

You can also add a few rhinestones to make the flowers stand out =]

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Shy Roses

This design is extremely simple =]
All you need is M65 for the full pattern of roses.

Paint your nails in a light colour.
Pearl white or silver will make shades of almost any colour stand out.
This specific design is pink on silver =]

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Lavendar lace

This simple Lavendar lace design can be found on image plate M71.
You can choose to paint your nails in a light base of your choice.
You can also do this in dark colours for a different look =]

For this specific design, use a light purple special nail polish for the
full pattern on the top right corner of the image plate. If you don't have
light purple, you can also mix blue, red, and white to get a similar colour.

Then use the white special nail polish for the lace on the bottom right on
the image plate. Place the lace diagonally across the tip of your nails.
Put on some top coat and let your nails dry =]