Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Youtube tutorial . Tiffany's Garden

Youtube tutorial . Fresh in Bloom

I know some of you may not have a Youtube account and cannot subscribe to our channel but I'll be posting the videos to the blog as well for those of you who are already following us =]

Just click on the video when it's playing for a larger screen size (will link you to the Youtube webpage)

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

french houndstooth

A classic and lovely houndstooth nail design. You can also do this design if you already have a french manicure.

you will need:
- base and top coat
- M19 and M63
- Konad special polish in black and white

- Using M19, stamp the tip on all your nails.
- Then using the houndstooth design from M63, paint 1/3 or half of the design with the Konad special polish in black.
- Place/line the houndstooth design on top of the french tip design.

have fun =]

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

sunflower tip

Full pattern designs can also be used as a tip design.

you will need:
- base and top coat
- m74
- white konad special nail polish
- *optional* base colour

Using the design on the bottom left corner of m74, paint the middle part of the design diagonally (about the width of the biggest flower).

Position the design on the desired part of the nail.

You can paint your nails with a base colour before stamping on the design or just stamp this design on bare nails.

 have fun =]

Thursday, June 3, 2010


Feel free to use any colours for the tip design =]

you will need:
- base and top coat
- m64
- gold nail polish
Konad in "ice gold"
- dark blue or purple konad special nail polish or any colour of your choice =] white and black works just as well.

Stamp the design on your tips and you are good to go. You can choose to add some glitter on the tips or just leave them as they are.

have fun =]

The tip design is on the left side of the image plate =]