Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Cyber Nail Art!

There is a website where you can create your own Konad nail designs :)
it's a lot of fun and you can also customize your nail shape, colour, and many more.

check out the website here:

have fun!

Monday, July 11, 2011

Green Delicious

you will need:
- base/Konad top coat
- M55
- Konad special polish in green
(I used the Princess polish in deep jungle,
but feel free to use other shades or colours!)
- Konad special polish in black for the stem
(feel free to use a different colour for this as well)
- White nail polish for the tip
- silver glitter polish for the lining

Basic Instructions:
- Apply base coat
- Paint the white tip (1/3rd of the nail so that there is room for the apple)
- Paint half of the apple green and the stem black
- scrape off the excess polish
- stamp the apple design along the line of the tip
- add the silver glitter lining
- apply top coat

You can paint your nails in a different colour, but I just used a base coat.

have fun :)
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