Monday, December 20, 2010

White Christmas

you will need:
- M59
- base/top coat
- Konad special polish in white
- Konad Nail art pen or a toothpick/pen (for the snow)
- any base coat colour of your choice
- glitter polish (optional for the tips)

Who wouldn't love to have a white Christmas? =]

You can stamp the snowflake design wherever you want on the nail. They do not have to be in the same exact spot each time.

You want to make it seem like they are falling.

Add some dots with the white nail art pen or dip the toothpick/pen into the Konad special polish in white to add the extra snow.


  1. this is so cute (= the glitter on the tips is so subtle but i think adds so much to the look! i love my pinks and would definitely rock this during the winter season, great job!

  2. I love the pink color in this design! I am going to try this now! I love your blog!! :)