Saturday, February 27, 2010

Kiss the Rain

This lovely spring inspired design is perfect for any occasion =]

You will need:
- base coat and top coat
- light coral/pink nail polish for the base
- a light brown/gold nail polish for the stripe (optional)
- image plate #M19, M38, and M56
- konal special nail polishes in white, green and silver (optional)
- rhinestones (optional)

01 apply base coat
02 apply the coral/pink nail polish
03 *optional* apply a thin/thick stripe with the light brown/gold polish in the middle
04 use the white konad special nail polish for the french tip design
05 use the green konad special nail polish to apply the leaf design from M56(top right)
06 *optional* use the silver konad special nail polish to apply the floral design from M38(left)
07 *optional* apply rhinestones
08 apply top coat

have fun =]


  1. You must be a pro. :) Beautiful.
    I tried M19 once and I just couldn't do it. I probably need a lot more practice. :)

  2. It does take a few times for the french tip designs. Make sure your fingers are facing towards you when stamping, so you can see where to line the tip.

    I try to do it as quickly as possible when rolling on the design from one side of my nail to the other =]

    and thank you! =]