Monday, September 14, 2009

having troubles!?

The Konad products from Wow Wow Nails are authentic and if the product is not working for you, these may be the reasons:
  • they are copies/imitations of the product
  • you may not be doing the stamping/process correctly
All the Konad image plates have a sticker on the back "" and if it has nothing on the back but just the metal, then it may be an imitation.

Having troubles getting the design onto the stamper!?

When you are stamping the image off the plate, please do not press on it for more than 1 second. When you hold the stamper for too long onto the design, it air dries and will no longer transfer onto the stamp. The lines are VERY fine and intricate.

Hope I helped some of your problems =]
There are unlimited possibilities for this product and it would be a shame if you gave up on it so quickly =]

Please visit for more info.
They have two locations in Toronto and are willing to help you through the process.

They have free demos and instructions on how to use the product correctly =]

1 comment:

  1. I ordered the kit from a supplier on ebay and I sure hope it is authentic.
    I then found your site and ordered a bunch of plates and supplies. Great prices. I ordered twice and received one already. Quick ship and nice packaging.
    I'll be back to order for sure,